Use Your Gifts

The Bible teaches us that we each have gifts—some teach, some lead, some give, and so on. Practically, we also each have skills: cooking, building, designing, administrating, singing, etc. 

Whatever you like to do or want to learn about, chances are there's a need and a way. First check the list below to see what calls you. 

Second, please take a few moments to complete our Skills & Interests Survey, and we'll help get you connected to a way to glorify God through your service. 

Cleaning & Organizing

These are perpetual needs around the church. Because they come up so frequently, we typically rotate through volunteers in order not to burn anyone out. If cleaning and/or organizing is a gift or a passion for you, please let us know. 

Contact: (Carol E.)

Building & Grounds

We occasionally need another pair of hands to help with one-off projects for an hour or an afternoon. If you're willing, please reach out. Projects could include anything from cleaning gutters to breaking up concrete to polishing floors. 

Contact: (Marcus C.)


Are you gifted in music? We are always interested to talk to people who can play an instrument and/or sing. If that's you, please reach out and let's talk about how you might get involved.

Contact: (Pastor Matt)

Sound Booth

We have some dedicated people who run the sound board and visuals on Sundays, but we'd love to raise up some more people to help. If you're interested in audio-visual work, let's chat!

Contact: (Marcus C.)